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Indian: Coconut Burfy Recipe Detail
Coconut Burfy
1 Big Coconut (Scraped & Measured);
Sugar as per the measurement of the Coconut Scrapings (i.e. if you get 2 Cups of Coconut Scrapings from
1 big Coconut ? use the same measuring cup & measure 2 cups of Sugar); Cashewnuts5-8
Tbspns (sliced fried in Ghee & kept aside);
Ghee 6 Tbspns; 4-6 Cardamoms Crushed;
Citric Acid a pinch; ? Cup Coconut milk;
Food Coloring if desired.
P.N. To extract the coconut milk for the syrup ? take ? of the scraped coconut put into a mixie jar add ? cup warm water & grind nicely ? strain & squeeze out the milk to make up the quantity required ? if the milk is not sufficient add water for the remaining quantity. (i.e. if you require 1 ? cups of Coconut Milk to make the Sweet, & if you get only 1 cup of Coconut milk from the grinding ? no problem add ? cup water to make up the 1 ? cups. Do not throw away the ground Coconut, put it back with the other scraped Coconut & make the Sweet (Burfy).

Place a Wok on fire, add Sugar to the Coconut Milk & continuously keep stirring for the Sugar to dissolves & a thick syrup forms. Add the Coloring, scraped Coconut & stir well. When the mixture begins to form a ball & leaves the sides of the Kadai add the Elaka Powder; fried Cashew nuts & mix well. Add the Citric Acid & stir well ? remove from fire ? Spread on a greased tray. Level the surface by tapping evenly. Let it cool for a while, then cut into bits & leave to cool down completely ? put into an air tight container & keep.

PN: You could add 1 ? - 2 Tbspns Coco Powder & make a double layered Coconut Burfy. For this When you come to the part when the Burfy is leaving the sides of te kadai ? remove ? the quantity of the Burfy on to the greased tray, level it out & leave it to set. In the meantime to the other half of the Burfy add the Coco Powder mix well & add on top of the first layer level it out let it cool down for a while ? then cut into desired pieces & let it cool.
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