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Happy New Year - Resolutions 01/01/2018 - 01/01/2018
We, on behalf of Shorshe Online, are suggesting you some proposals, out of which you may resolve to take up any or some of the proposals.
We will be very delighted if even a single person resolve to accept even a single of my proposals and is benefited there from. We will keenly wait to know from him / her who may be benefited by our proposals. For any clarification of any of the proposals and any guidance that may be required to achieve the resolution please don't hesitate to knock us at support@shorshe.com.
Your enquiry would be forwarded to us.

The aim of human life is 'Double P' i.e. peace and prosperity. Prosperity is meaningless if there is no Peace in mind. So, simultaneous to our desire to become prosperous we should find ways to be peaceful. Our New Year's resolutions are framed up keeping in mind those basic words.

Our proposals for New Year's Resolution are centered towards peace of mind. Eight such proposals are enumerated below.
  • Meditation
  • Writing diary regularly
  • Spending some time with nature
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Performing social work
  • Leading a simple life
  • Caring parents
  • Regular exercising and dieting
Some details about the above proposals are being discussed below:

Meditation is the process of controlling mind. By controlling mind, we can make a difference in our life. We can lead ourselves in desired way. So, the power of meditation is so immense that in a word it can change the life and the way we live.

A mind is like a 'crystal'. A crystal takes the color of the surroundings. If you bring the crystal towards a red flower the crystal would be turn into red. Similar is the case of a mind also. A mind thinks about itself depending upon the surroundings and environment. Depending upon the environment, a person thinks what he is! Meditation helps self-realization. After self-realization a person understands what actually he is, understands his /her potential and gets a perennial source of joy.

The peace of mind prevails when our mind is full of joy. It is not an instant joy, as we feel by sipping a peg of wine and / or watching a dance, but a lasting joy emanating from a perennial source. As the clear image of a moon can not be seen through a disturbed water surface, so also it is not possible to realize himself / herself in a disturbed mind. To realize himself or herself, a calm and concentrated mind is required. As nature abhors vacuum, so also mind do not remain thought less. Generally, human being is occupied with various thoughts, in a short span of time and as a result his mind do not become calm and so can not be directed in one direction. At first meditation requires concentration and afterwards meditation helps improving concentration and focus in a particular direction.

Apart from the pleasure, a self-realized man would be sober, honest, dutiful, and merciful. He would avoid food not suitable for health. The concentration of mind achieved by meditation would help in grasping everything in a short time. And he would be able to discharge his/her duties in reasonable time with cheerful mind. Sometimes we can understand what is good what is bad, still we can not resist ourselves and we go by instinct. Meditation through control of mind can lead us as per our conscience in desired way to explore our true potential.

By practice of meditation we can control our mind, keep it calm and direct it in one direction. It may be towards anything. May be towards some respected or loving personality and even Almighty. At the first instance it would be difficult to concentrate but by practice mind would be calm and focused. The more and more mind will be calm and focused, the more will be the realizations about self. By the realization of self, we may get great pleasure from a tiny common plant, or a common animal, as the vision would be changed. A drop of due on a grass will bring immense pleasure; mind will never enjoy such pleasure by any material entertainment.

Reference: Writings of Swami Vivekananda ( Hindu Monk of Sri Ramakrishna Mission).

Writing diary daily is a good habit. Maintaining daily diary is not simply writing daily activities on it day after day. But it is more than that. Diary should help to correct the way of life and is also a source of joy for future life. Daily diary guides a person to a great extent. Sometimes we do wrong in a hot mood or without much thinking or unconsciously but when we write the event at the end of the day we may judge the incident properly in cool brain and vows not to repeat in future. Thus writing diary, daily, helps to correct our character or behavior and leads to our self and soul. Moreover helps to recollect events of the past, which becomes a source of joy afterwards.

So, let us choose 1st. January as the target date to start diary regularly.

Man is one of the species of the nature's animal kingdom. By virtue of intelligence man has created a separate zone within the kingdom. The separation is identified by knowledge, comfort, speed etc., which man has discovered and applied. The intelligence and knowledge has also given rise to hatred, selfishness, jealousness etc. Sometimes peace loving men get perturbed in the society due to the bad element in the society. To keep ourselves aloof from the bad habits of men we may spend some time within Nature. Children are devoid of bad habits of elders. So, their association also gives pleasure. We find in them simplicity and no-duplicity. So, from the New Year's Day, we may resolve to spend, some time regularly with nature / child to keep our mind fresh.

While resolving to start a new life from New Year, we may avoid smoking. Smoking damages our lunges to a great extent, sometimes lunges are affected by the dreaded disease --- Cancer. Physicians say every cigarette snatches five minutes from the total span of life. You have to very particular and rigid about your objective in this respect. You have to leave smoking totally. Gradual reduction of number of cigarette does not be fruitful in avoiding smoking. The urge to smoke may be reduced by

A) Smokers know smoking is a bad habit. It is creating immense injury to his / her health. Among them some think they can leave smoking anytime. But very few can leave the bad habit finally. Because he / she does have control over mind. To increase control over mind you should first practice meditation.
B) The smokers should feel that our lungs purify the air absolutely required for our living. Smoke is most unwanted by the lunges. So, by smoking we torture our lunges, which is serving us since our birth. This is a treacherous act.
C) The smokers could keep in mouth something innocent like clove, chewing gum etc. when they would feel like smoking.

If you are a person having some time to spare you may resolve to start or join in some social work from 1st. January. Statistics show that persons engaged in social work live longer. The reason behind is peace of mind. Every man enjoys pleasure being able to do something for others. Social work can be performed directly or indirectly. Those who have time to spare may perform social work by joining in some social welfare organization. Those who do not have much time for social work may save an amount, daily, in their deposit box separately, to be donated to some social organization.

Comfort and luxury has no end. When we get something for comfort / luxury we seek some other. There are no bounds to such desires. For this desire of more comfort / luxury men run and run after money, in the process, sometimes man becomes so greedy that they do not hesitate to adopt unfair and dishonest means for money. This habit makes man slave of money and mind becomes restless. To avoid this we can make our mind to restrict our demand to the bare necessities of life or to fix a certain standard for comfort and luxury beforehand and that standard should not be very flexible. The physical comfort, which may be lost by the restriction, would gradually be absorbed and we would find no difference between life before restriction and after. So, let us fix up a starting date for starting simple life and that date be 1st. January.

Affection moves downwards. And I feel affection is more powerful than respect. So, parents love their children but the parents do not get the treatment they deserve. Due to the love and affection of parents, sons and daughters get due care and attention. But an older do not get required attention and care. It is an ethical and moral obligations which one should understand from self-analysis.

Again, in this dynamic society many of us think of the present only. This leads a young family to keep them aloof from their parents, because they think that their presence would restrict their dynamic life and they would not be able to lead a free life.

An in-depth study of the life of a family with old parents reveals that while old parents to some extent restrict the life of the younger, their presence helps in rearing their child. The child brought up with love and affection of his / her grand father / mother acquire the qualities of love and affection required for human being. Childhood experiences has an impact on the desires, likings and disliking and even intuitions in his future life. The child while growing up very closely watches the activities of his / her parents to his / her grand father/ mother. This experience he /she stores in his / her memory consciously and sub-consciously. When the child becomes a family man, his act is reflected through his / her experience.

So, some of us whose parents are leading isolated lives in old age home or anywhere else may resolve to spend more time with their parents and take more care and if possible bring their parents among them. So, please chalk out a program for this so that you can take more care to your parents from 1st. day of January.

Most of us do not exercise regularly and are not careful about diet. For a healthy, cheerful and long life both are necessary. Daily exercise may be done in the form of swimming, walking or otherwise as the situation and choice may suit including uses of accessories and joining into a gymnasium. Diet should contain required amount of protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamins and even plenty of water. For details about dieting click here. So, for a healthy, cheerful and long life let us start regular exercise and dieting and let the starting date be 1st. January.

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